SHARP Air Purifiers Equipped with 3-in-1 Functions to Trap Mosquitoes, Reduce Bacteria and Viruses Indoors, and Purify Indoor Air

As dengue cases are approaching a new high in Singapore this year, with record number of 1,158 dengue infections 2 weeks ago, and 1,081 last week, we see the need for all Singapore households to do their parts in keeping the community safe from harmful mosquitoes.

Home is where we should feel safe and secure. To give customers the peace of mind at home, without worrying about mosquitoes, viruses and bacteria, SHARP air purifiers are equipped with 3-in-1 functions to trap mosquitoes, reduce bacteria and viruses, while purifying indoor air. 

In 2015, SHARP launched the World’s first air purifier with Mosquito Catcher feature. Today, SHARP continues its legacy as the leader in the air purifying category with Mosquito Catcher feature, especially with its patented Plasmacluster™ Technology to fight various types of bacteria and viruses, including Corona Viruses - the technology that has enabled Sharp to sell over 80 million units of air purifiers Worldwide since its launch. 

Sharp is also having running their “Moshi Moshi No Mozzie” campaign from now till 30th June 2020, to help in the fight of the current situation. Purchase the Sharp JM40 air purifier at Sharp's official Shopee store: or authorised retailers to enjoy $300 off*!