Never-Before-Seen Insights Revealed in Renowned Master Feng Shui Practitioner Master Hung Hin Cheong’s Eighth and Latest Feng Shui Book

A much sought-after Master Feng Shui practitioner, teacher and author, Master Hung Hin Cheong has just released his highly-anticipated eighth book release this January. Titled Xuan Kong Purple White Script (2nd Edition) Secrets Revealed, the latest release offers a plethora of illuminating insights on one of the most important Feng Shui literary texts, Purple White Script.

With more than a decade of Feng Shui experience, Master Hung is a highly regarded Master Feng Shui practitioner and instructor. Having meticulously studied and analysed Chinese metaphysics under famous Feng Shui authority Dato’ Joey Yap, Master Hung shares his wealth of Chinese Metaphysical knowledge through credible and in-depth Feng Shui books. His wry sense of humour and inimitable writing style make Feng Shui knowledge enjoyable and accessible for all English readers. Useful for everyone from the casual reader to serious Feng Shui students, Master Hung’s books are eye-openers on Feng Shui’s varied disciplines and their real-life applications.

To date, Mr Hung has published 8 books under the publishing house Joey Yap Research Group Sdn Bhd. The latest book release Xuan Kong Purple White Script (2nd Edition) Secrets Revealed offers a world of fresh insights on the classical Feng Shui literary text, Purple White Script.

The Purple White Script is an essential founding text of Feng Shui, and a mandatory reference text for many Flying Stars Xuan Kong practitioners. In a nutshell, the teachings in the Purple White Script provide a valuable guide with regards to spaces such as condominium units, office rooms and more. These teachings help one to make effective adjustments within the working or living spaces to improve the quality of life, or to solve existing problems.

As the Purple White Script is written in classical Chinese, many gems of knowledge have gone uncovered due to the sheer difficulty in understanding the cryptic, classical Chinese used in the original text. Not many books on the market tackle the Purple White Script.

Master Hung’s first edition of the transliteration of Purple White Script is the first of its kind, providing the English version of the Purple White Script accompanied by line-by-line commentaries. Interesting anecdotes offer cultural and historical context for the period in which the Script was written, and many illustrations, charts, and diagrams provide further clarity for readers.

In the latest Xuan Kong Purple White Script (2nd Edition) Secrets Revealed, Master Hung revisits the book once more with his priceless vault of an additional 10 years of insight and practical knowledge. The explanations for the Scripts are further expanded on with never-before-seen revelations.
More than a mere revision of the First Edition, this latest release provides the most up-to-date version of teachings from the Purple White Script, rewritten with fresh perspectives from Master Hung’s very own experience of Feng Shui practice and teaching.
Rich in valuable knowledge, Master Hung’s latest release is filled with enriching lessons and interpretations from one of Feng Shui’s most authoritative texts. Bound to guide readers in making stellar decisions in both personal and professional lives, this is a definitely a book not to be missed by both Feng Shui enthusiasts and curious readers.
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About Master Hung
With more than a decade of Feng Shui experience, Master Hung Hin Cheong is a highly regarded Master Feng Shui practitioner. After a distinguished corporate career for over 30 years holding high posts such as CEO and Director of various companies, Mr Hung made his bold move to retire from the corporate world. In 2004, he began his foray into the world of studying and practicing Chinese Metaphysics.

Mr Hung enrolled into the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics as a student under world-famous Feng Shui authority Dato’ Joey Yap. With his many years of experience studying and analysing Chinese Metaphysics as a dedicated student, then a practitioner and finally an instructor, Master Hung steadily gained renown as a popular Feng Shui Master.