WhizComms Celebrates Our Nation's 53rd Birthday with FREE Speed Boost Upgrade!

To celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday, WhizComms is offering $53 Bill Rebate with any subscription of their 1Gbps Home Broadband service with Mesh Wi-Fi solution.

WhizComms has been well-known in the market to offer the lowest-priced home broadband service, especially for 1Gbps home broadband plans.

Only at $46/month, subscribers can get 1Gbps home broadband plus 2 units of TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi Router, which completes the necessary equipments for Mesh Wi-Fi solution at home.

On top of that, subscribers during this period of National Day celebration (from now till 13 Aug 2018), will receive:
  • FREE $53 Bill Rebate
  • FREE Activation Fee worth $53.50
  • FREE Weekday delivery and installation service (from 9am to 5.30pm) worth $53.50
  • FREE Onsite Wi-Fi Audit service to ensure best Wi-Fi optimisation at home
For more information or to redeem this promotion, customers can link in to: https://www.whizcomms.com.sg/promotions/ndp2018/ .