CHEAPEST 1 Gbps Home Fibre Broadband with Wireless Router at only $1.50/day

From now until 14 August, all WhizComms subscribers for plans with wireless routers with the promo code <HASSLEFREE> receives free Wi-Fi Audit service!

At only $1.50/day, you can now enjoy high speed 1Gbps home fibre broadband service with wireless router offered by WhizComms. On top of offering the cheapest rates in Singapore, WhizComms is now giving all their subscribers with wireless router, a free Wi-Fi audit service!

WhizComms promises every of its customers an optimum Wi-Fi coverage at home through their Wi-Fi audit service. Customers no longer have to worry about where to place their routers, or how to adjust their Wi-Fi settings to receive the best network coverage at home. The 1Gbps home fibre broadband plans cost only $45 per month for a 12 months contract, and $37 per month for a 24 months contract. Both these prices include the cost of a wireless router.

To sign up, simply visit and register with Promo Code <HASSLEFREE>. All customers will receive the following free services upon successful registration of 1Gbps home fibre broadband service with Wireless router:
FREE Home Wi-Fi Audit Service
FREE Weekday Delivery and Installation (9am – 6pm)
*Terms and conditions apply

Promotion ends 14 August.