WhizComms Broadband has a special deal for you + $50 FairPrice vouchers

Whiz Communications (WhizComms) – the latest broadband service provider in Singapore – has just launched their Wi-Fi Mesh solution as part of their Wi-Fi Clinic service aimed at optimizing Wi-Fi Coverage at home.

Striving to provide customers with the best value, WhizComms continues to live up to this image by offering the lowest priced broadband service with Wi-Fi Mesh solution in Singapore. Check out this price comparison table below:

How does WhizComms add value to its customers through its Wi-Fi Clinic service?
1. As part of the Wi-Fi Clinic Service, WhizComms provides customers with complimentary Wi-Fi Audit with the purchase of any hardware (E.g. Wireless Router).

2.  Customised optimal setup for homeowners, allowing for maximum Wi-Fi coverage based on one’s home layout and condition.

On top of that, all subscribers from now till 31 July 2017 will get FREE $50 FairPrice cash vouchers.

WhizComms website: www.whizcomms.com.sg